Our World – Wednesdaying?

I know it’s an unconventional word, I’d like to think I coined it but sadly, no. Wednesdaying  is considered by Urban Dictionary to be the act of drinking, partying or hitting bars on a Wednesday especially to sing karaoke.

For me it means – placing oneself smack dab in the middle of something, anything, anytime… much like Miercoles…which is now mi dia favorito by the way… can be found wedged right into the middle of the week.

Now that you have the context, who is Wiley Cat??? Why here he is staring right at you with his best smoldering look… meow….

Boss Cat at 3.47.31 PM

This shot was taken whilst trying to eat lunch and watch my fav Netflix series right now (The Crown).. when BAM! there he is up in my face as per usual.. I call him Mr In Between… always in the middle of everything.. Yup you guessed it…”Wednesdaying!!!” But who can resist those eyes and that boop worthy nose?

So after some years of keeping this cuteness overload to myself I’ve decided to share him with the world. Welcome to the domain of Wednesdaying Wiley where I’ll be sharing the curious adventures of one nosy Wiley Cat and his not crazy cat lover momma.

Come along with us on this new journey!

Time spent with cats is never wasted – Sigmund Freud