Sleep Woes

Who has this problem momma? couldn’t be me!

I am envious of Wiley’s amazing ability to plop down anywhere and sleep as though its Sunday.. everyday…

When you’ve struggled with sleep issues all your life (falling asleep is a luxury at night), it can be daunting to face the work week, but with the help of a furry body next to you, albeit taking up the entire bed.. sleep seems to come easier on some nights once he’s there.  Not to mention the soothing purring sounds can be quite relaxing.

Growing up in a household that saw pets as primarily outdoor, it was difficult for me to convince my parents to let me sleep with my favorite kitty. I tried sneaking him in under the sheets of my crib, hiding him under the bed and even in the bathroom! But my folks were adamant “The cat has to stay outside!”

As I got older and kept bringing home strays to my increasingly irritated family, the cats were eventually allowed indoors… maybe they manipulated their way in?

By the time I had finished university, I’d managed to convince my parents that life without cats was a futile effort and I’d always have them by my side. And then came Wiley Cat, into our hearts… Not only did he plant himself on every piece of furniture, but any lap would do as well. He managed to change my family’s perspective on pets, they became more affectionate and open toward him, (maybe by force) as he simply wouldn’t take no for an answer.

Fast forward to now… A bed in my home without cats? That’s preposterous!!

Do you share your bed with a pet? Comment and let us know.

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