Timothy and Wiley Cat

Today’s post is a sad one.. but such is life at times.

From the moment they met I knew Timothy (white and black kitty) and Wiley Cat were going to be brothers. They did everything together, from grooming….20160612_134159 20160612_134230

To Sleeping…


And everything in between. Well let’s face it that’s primarily sleeping!

Sadly, we lost our precious Timothy in December 2017. He ran out the front door and simply vanished! I combed the area for weeks, I called out to him in the middle of the night.. we put out food and litter hoping the scent would bring him home but alas! he hasn’t returned.

Wiley Cat grieved, searching for him from one corner of the tiny townhouse to another, calling out and at times crying out it seemed. It was a dark period for us both.

Eventually, as time passed his heart was soothed and I know he is being a big boy for Momma by not complaining about our dear Timothy anymore.

It never gets easier… Timothy was my son… he was Wiley’s brother..

I still look out my windows at night hoping for a glimpse of white fur coming home, I pray for him that he’s happy and well fed in someone else’s home. Most importantly I keep his memory alive in my heart.

After all, he taught me how to sleep like a contortionist!!


Have you lost a dear fur baby? Tell us about him/her.. sometimes talking is all you can do but it certainly helps.


Wiley Cat and Momma.

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