Difficult Times

There was a period in my life when I had no place to call home and was literally bunking in a one room apartment with a relative. I lived out of a suitcase and boxes for several months before being given notice to leave by the owner.

Needless to say that was a dark period in my life…

Upon receiving the news that I had two weeks to find a home, there was one thing I promised myself.. my babies had to be taken care of. I searched relentlessly for an apartment that would allow pets, calling so many numbers and driving all around the country (I live on an island so don’t be alarmed).. only to be rejected because of my precious floof pies.

I was determined to find a home for us all! One Sunday morning, as I lay on my makeshift bed holding Wiley, my father brought me a newspaper.. it was dated but there was a number inside that I hadn’t called.

I picked up my mobile and dialed.. after arranging to meet that same afternoon, I got dressed and made my way to the site. I didn’t mention Wiley and his siblings for fear of instant rejection.

After a long interview and a tour of the premises the landlord was charmed! He agreed that I could move in that weekend! I decided then it was now or never…. I took a deep breath and said ” Before I agree, there is something you should know…I have three cats, they are indoor only and house trained… they are my kids”.. The landlord looked at me with a pained expression.. I braced… then he said “Yeah that’s no problem! cats are clean animals.. once you keep them inside”

I wanted to hug him and scream at the same time but thankfully I didn’t as that would have made me appear insane and I’d be writing an entirely different post to you today! I thanked God for finding a place for my babies and I to be together and to be safe.

It was not an easy road but we made it! I could never abandon my kids they are my lifeline at times. Now that I am in my own home (through God’s grace) I plan to keep them all safe and warm for always!

Wiley Cat once happily shared a single bedroom apartment with me in one of my most difficult times, I often wonder what I did to deserve his love.


Wiley’s Momma

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