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Wiley and Mom

Wiley Cat  is an inquisitive and poofy floof ball but had a pretty rough life as a kitten. Rescued at the age of 5 months eating from a dumpster, he was once stolen by a gardener then recovered in the drunken man’s trunk, lost for an entire month when his mom had to move homes suddenly, adopted by a lovely man but then shuttled between two homes due to Dad’s crazy work schedule, then finally, after making the heartbreaking decision to let him go, Wiley Cat was returned to his original momma for his own stability.  He now lives with her on a sunny Caribbean isle but is not an outdoor fanatic. Wiley Cat is approaching the 10 year mark and is happily pushing his nose (and butt) in the middle of everything he can.

Wiley’s Not so Crazy Cat Lady Momma is a relatively young (no disclosure of age needed here)  animal lover whose passion for rescuing strays led her to foster and adopt numerous cats over the years. She is the proud parent of Wiley Cat, three other beautiful felines, and a betta fish named Fred! Caribbean born and bred she knows a thing or two about cooking a hearty meal and of course West Indian Rum. Her dream is to one day have the resources to open a no kill animal sanctuary in her home country, and was voted most likely to become a crazy cat lady at her high school. (She is not!)

Follow our blog to keep up with Wiley’s cuteness overload antics as we share our lives with you. We try to post twice weekly, one random day and of course on WEDNESDAYS!!!


Wiley Cat and the Not So Crazy Cat Lady.